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Yup, Better get back!!!

It’s only when one considers this strip in groupings that we realize just how tired and lazy the dialogue is…


“We had better get back…”


Oh thank goodness, we are all about to be accounted for…


“Need to head back…”  Really?  Gee, that would never have occurred to me…


3 thoughts on “Yup, Better get back!!!

  1. Frank says that they went looking for the kids as soon as they found out about the fire, but they actually left before they knew there was a fire. Also, does that mean they would not have gone out if there wasn’t a fire? Such sloppy writing.

  2. But they managed to still find the time to stand around for some group hugs while the forest fire continues to surround them. And they seem to be immune to the smoke.

    But what of Geoff and his charges? Is he the next victim that will need to be saved?

  3. Much like 60 mph pyroclastic flow that Mark miraculously avoided during his exploding island adventure, this story line ignores the sounds, fear and fury of a serious forest fire. You would not be able to hear each other, much less take time to stop and kneel. I thought this strip’s redeeming value was its environmental and wildlife education themes?

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