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Reminds me of the time when…

…Andy was caught in a “Deer Trap.”  And no one knew where he was!  This would have been the late Summer of 1980, and I would faithfully check in on Andy every morning over my bowl of Wheaties…  and I knew that time wasn’t on Andy’s side, or mine, since I was about to leave home for a new academic year and I realized that the Wisconsin State Journal did not carry Mark Trail!!


To my delight, my dear mother began clipping out the dailies and sending them to me on a weekly basis- mounted to typing paper, with (of course) snarky comments in the margins…  In case you wonder where I got this idea, The Daily Trail, I guess it all goes back to that…

And the artwork seems to be back on track… hallelujah!


One thought on “Reminds me of the time when…

  1. I too used to read about Mark’s exploits over a bowl of Wheaties or oatmeal. I think this episode may have more promise. Mark looks like Mark and Andy looks to be his usual self. Just wondering where the truck driver went to bivouac. A chain motel or a Mom & Pop place. It would be a nightmare for us if our lab grabbed a ride on a truck. Maybe Mark & Cherry need an invisible fence.

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