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The art is back, but the writing…

…oh the writing!!  And let’s be clear:  Racoons are largely nocturnal creatures… what the hell is one doing out with the Deer and the Robin (which seems to have taken on goliath proportions, even with perspective in mind…)


Back home we are pondering the disappearance of Andy…


…with everyone except mark pitching in to set the table… while he waxes on about vague stories of wayward pets finding their way home…  Read an article? Sure you did, Cherry… sure you did.  That look on you face in the center panel might as well say, “Shut your pie-hole, Nature Boy, isn’t there a story you should be flagging down somewhere other than Lost Forest?”


One thought on “The art is back, but the writing…

  1. Looks like that desert gold-hunting expedition really took the start out of Doc. I wonder if the sub-plot of this current adventure will be “Mark, we need to talk about Dad. He’s getting on and I don’t think I can take care of him on my own.”

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