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What’s with all “That?”

As Editor Bill Ellis (white guy, first panel) continues to prattle on, to himself, apparently, we see the continued over-use of the word “that.”  I have never seen the like of it!  And how much effort and ink would it have cost to draw in an assistant, someone for Bill to talk to?  And now that he has told all of us what is going down, he still has to call Mark and repeat himself!  Or is he actually on the phone (right hand, first panel) and talking to Mark right now?


What?  Kind of Johnny Depp bad?  Alcohol, drugs, out of control binges?  What constitutes a “Bad Reputation” in the Trailverse?  I can’t wait to see how this manifests!


4 thoughts on “What’s with all “That?”

  1. I would follow another long, insipid story just to see Cherry tell Bad Boy Jeremy that she is a happily married woman.

    Please, Oh Please.

  2. What’s up with the window in his office (left panel). It doesn’t seem to match the wall-of-glass design of the building or am I missing something

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