Mark the wise…

As ‘Tabby’ is introduced to her environs and Andy comes to her rescue…


…only to take heat from the human female for doing exactly what she told him to do…  “Look after Tabby…


Poor Andy.  People can be so confusing, can’t they?  Tell you to do one thing, scold you for doing it!


The scene in the last strip is so classic!  Coffee in tiny cups with saucers!  Brewed into a Bunn Commercial decanter…  Coffee’s on!  Perpetually!  As they say, life is short, stay awake!  And Jittery!!

As Mark holds forth,  he starts Man-splaining motives of other humans without so much as a clue, only based on a set of assumptions rooted deep in his psyche, his confirmation bias on display for all to see.  Yes, Mark, instead of taking the pet to a shelter where they meet up with almost certain death, the derelict humans dump the kitty on your front lawn.  I like those chances better.

Where’s Rusty?!