They’re so Vicious!

Why do we spell words the way we do? Vi-shus. There… How difficult was that? Why do we have homonyms like there, their and they’re? I really feel for people trying to learn English as a second language. And don’t even get me started on idioms! Our discourse (dis-cors) is replete with words and phrases (frases?) if taken literally, make no sense at all… Piece of cake! Can of Corn! Cats and Dogs!

But of course, “Wild Dog,” while potentially idiomatic, needs to be taken quite literally here… as Tabby and Andy find themselves in their midst.

Tabby, they should name you Little Miss Prance-About… because that’s what you appear to be best at doing! The picture of innocence, until of course your naivete lands you in trouble!

Well, let’s hope that Andy’s recently bestowed stink helps him overcome a decidedly outnumbered and disadvantaged position…