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Bill? Bill who?

Talk about picking things up in the middle… For those of you new(er) to the Trailverse, the “Bill” Mark is talking to is none other than Bill Ellis, Editor of “Woods and Wildlife” magazine, Mark’s primary source of work and, I would imagine, income… Although it’s never made clear whether Mark is a contractor or on the payroll…

Oh, poor Mark! He is really down!! Will he be able to go on with life? His literal and virtual right hand taken from him?! Only in the comics, though, can man and beast be frozen in time, never age, and never succumb to the natural forces of life… Mark and Andy (and Cherry for that matter) in their prime, not having to yield…

Speaking of Frozen in Time, I stumbled upon this site featuring original Dodd artwork… Interesting!!


One thought on “Bill? Bill who?

  1. How in hell did Bill Ellis hear about Andy, and so quickly, at that? Does he have informants in Lost Forest? Or does Bill keep a few deer traps in Lost Forest? Hmmmmmmm….

    Anyway, it sure didn’t take Mr. Optimism very long to start talking about Andy in the past tense, nor for anybody else, it seems. And Andy’s only been gone a day or two (in Trail Time), right?

    C’mon, Mark! Pull it together! It’s not as if Lost Forest is filled with poachers, dangerous animals, wild patches of land, and…oops. I forgot myself for a moment.

    Alas, poor Andy. I knew him well.

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