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Appears that ‘Deer Traps’ are a thing…

…or at least were… back in the day…

If Mark wins? Please! Don’t go spoiling things with lack of faith and sincerity- sort of like Linus in the pumpkin patch… not if the Great Pumpkin shows, it’s when he shows!

Poor Mark! He is despondent! On the verge of breakdown! Cherry floats in the background unsure what to do about all this- this situation (which some have pointed out in the comments) brought about as a result of her banishing poor Andy after his tangle with the Skunk!

…but note the plural on traps. Is this the trap that Andy and Tabby wandered into to escape the rain? Or one of many set up to trap unsuspecting animals? I mean, these are not discriminating! Anything with enough weight and curiosity could find themselves trapped… a bear even!


One thought on “Appears that ‘Deer Traps’ are a thing…

  1. Based on the August 29th strip, I would think t his can’t be the same trap, unless the lake is flooding.

    But if, by chance, this IS the actual trap holding Andy and that cat, I hope that the beaver we see in today’s strip is not the same beaver that was in the strip two days before. Because, that would mean Andy has trapped “in plain sight”, right across the lake of the Lost Forest cabin. How embarrassing would THAT be for Mark?!

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