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Ruh Roh…

No, Mark, technically, I think you just quit…

But that’s the way to show some backbone! Priorities in order!! Tell those suits how we do things in the woods!! That’s fine! You probably have options you don’t know about… And what? Are they going to NOT give you the award just because you aren’t there? Your market price is going up, Mark Trail! There’s a great article in what you are going through right now! Fear not, Nature Writer, these pricks will see the light!


4 thoughts on “Ruh Roh…

  1. You’re right, Dennis. And “Woods and Bugs” isn’t the only nature magazine on the market, at least, back then. Trail could have other magazines head-hunting him, forcing CEO Williams to counter with an even bigger paycheck to take him back.

  2. I actually enjoy this Elrod series. Brings me back to my youth. With what we are all going thru simpler seems better. I’m hoping flapjacks appear in the next episode. Mark gave up his pipe probably before I was born. Dennis, I always enjoy your blog. My daily check!

  3. By the way, Cherry has a nice short sixties haircut, And I’m damn proud of Mark for saying “the hell with you I’m taking care of my dog”! We need to tell our boss screw you sometimes.

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