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Oh, Thank Goodness!

As Mark awakens from a brief slumber, Cherry is there with the strong, black coffee! Meanwhile, Squirrel, meet Baldy!

Fast forward to Mark spinning tails of Andy-past… I wonder if they go back to the war?

“Come through the crisis?” How about “Out of the Woods?” This is Mark Trail, after all…

Wait a gol-darned second! Is that Mark shedding a tear? Funny how no one has mentioned that Andy has a particular smell about him, a smell that would implicate Cherry in his banishment…

And what about that no-good Tabby? If Andy has learned anything, he knows now that he should let that little thing fend for itself!

Now it’s off to the Awards show… As if we had doubts.

Thanks to Mark, again, for this sneak peek at the coming age:

I don’t know, Cherry… I feel like I learned something…


2 thoughts on “Oh, Thank Goodness!

  1. I like the new author’s first foray into environmental education, though she made a rather easy Boy Scout saying more difficult. It should be “Red and yellow, kill a fellow. Red and black, friend to Jack.” It was still around in the 1960’s.

    It will be interesting to see if the strip can maintain an audience after shocking us loyal readers with stark contrasts in characters, art style and modern plot lines. Though the new shaved hairdo Cherry looks like she would have hooked up with the beefy conch blower while Mark was looking for invasive ants.

    Will 2020 be over soon??

  2. Why are Mark and Cherry speaking from a high-rise urban building and not from Lost Forest, seen in the foreground? Is the vet in the city? Did they rent a hotel room?

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