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Cherry, why you all hunched over like that?

Just so you can get a big ol’ lick from Andy! That’s why!

Andy’s thinking, “Stay away from me, you little cur…” Sort of like the talking dogs on Tik-Tok… “I was fine until my hoomans bought me this little thing.. I haven’t know a day of peace since…)

TV? You mean we have that in Lost Forest?! And there is enough interest in Nature Magazines to build an entire awards program out of it? And it would be airing in the Northern Georgia market? We have been asked to believe some really far-fetched things over the years, but this takes to cake!


One thought on “Cherry, why you all hunched over like that?

  1. TV show!? Yeah, that was my immediate response, too! Maybe it’s on a cable “local access” channel watched by some 10 or 15 people.

    And now, we see ol’ Doc in the background. Where has HE been? Of course, he is retired, so we can’t expect to see him scrubbing up at the vet hospital, can we? But would he, could he, resist giving Andy a quick inspection? If nothing else, then to remind the readers that Doc had a real job at one time and that “Doc” is not just some kind of nick-name.

    Well, old water under a very old bridge at this point.

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