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Are we surprised? Of course not!

As Mark and his “friends” watch the broadcast of the conservation awards (really?) Editor Bill Ellis of Woods and Wildlife magazine addresses the crowd…

Why not, you know? Why not change the rules, especially when the rules don’t favor the outcome that you prefer? I bet there are some pissed off finalists that are crying foul! Does Woods and Wildlife sponsor this awards dinner? was there ever any doubt that their boy, Mark, was going to be the winner?? I am not clear at all about how unbiased these awards are… I think I smell a rat… or a beaver…

No one is surprised- not even the Beaver Family… but Mark sure looks pleased…

Oh, Mark, please stop with the false modesty! And, Yes, I am pretty sure you still have a job…

Sorry for the delay these last few days, Campers, I was visiting the south shore of Gitche Gumee and was without internet for a few days…

From Port Wing to Bayfield and back… perfect weather and a lovely time!


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