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Man-o-Man-o… What now?

Well, I guess I will have to take into account the Sunday offering… in that it’s now become part of the story line… This morning’s strip would have made no sense without taking in the following:

Begs the question, however, as to who is shooting the video? Some random stranger? If Mark is on camera and starring in it, then who is behind the lens?

Mark needs affirmation! And validation! Constantly! And where exactly is he? Walking out of a roadside rest stop? That sign says “feed pond” which looks like a tourist attraction… Feed the Tarpon! This was a popular stop in Florida once when my kids were that age…

You know who else is going to need to get “Insta-Friendly?” Your faithful scribe… thanks for the comments on how to find Kelly Welly’s Twitter account… She lookin’ pretty bad-ass…


2 thoughts on “Man-o-Man-o… What now?

  1. Who would have thunk it?

    Mark’s hair uncoiffed and dripping, more than a little stubble on that prominent jaw, and a sly allusion to the folk remedy of pissing on jellyfish stings to ease the pain? And I love the catchline: “Keep your pants on and stay safe out there!”

    I don’t recall ever laughing aloud at a Sunday Mark Trail episode. A nice treat in these trying times. Perhaps I can get used to Jules Rivera’s new “don’t strip” take on the strip.

    My only gripe has nothing to do with Ms. Rivera’s doing. The editors of my Sunday comics here in Maine cut off the two panels on the left.

  2. I hope you will continue to publish the Sunday strip, since our beloved paper does not.

    Mark apparently got over his backstory funk after conferring with his Ralph, his Inner Soul avatar. And Jules follows the Trail Tradition of the quick-cut (like some kind of 1980s MTV video) from home to the next adventure. And awaaay we go!

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