The Pitt Sisters?!

Thanks George, for linking this together and the reference to Popeye characters. While I am an inch wide and a mile deep on the Trails, your knowledge extends across multiple canon…

Apparently Olive and Peach don’t talk much! Or look at the same Social Media sites. Or accesses Social Media at all… Considering how focused Mark and Cherry are on growing their Social Media Brand, one would think that they aren’t terribly difficult to find… “Cave Man??” Will the bring-downs ever end? Of course it’s not challenging to surmise that the younger Pitt Sisters have a dim view of the Male of the Species.

I love it! Rusty utters the classic “What Th–?” But it’s really unclear what he is grabbing at, which of course creates its own tension. Meanwhile, over stage left, the reunion is going swimmingly!!

We were promised that Cherry and Rusty would be more than mere bookends. Looks like that promise is being kept.