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Just what we need in the new year, right? A Mark Trail that doesn’t care a leaf for decency or “The Rule of Law…” Better cut off his Twitter and Instagram accounts…

Stolen property, reckless endangerment, resisting arrest, and now…

…Assaulting a Peace Officer (of some kind or another)… While a wading bird (looks like a White Ibis, except that the bill is all wrong- more Flamingo like?) cheers him on? I hope Mark enjoys prison, because that’s where he’s going.


2 thoughts on “Un-hinged…

  1. Wow! Mark Trail, Man of Action returns to the Big Screen…er, the comics page. No more “Mister I-talk-to-the-Trees-and-Animals” Guy! Well, my earlier comment on hand-wringing emasculation seems premature, or we are viewing a hitherto unknown bi-polar personality change taking place. Well, Markey has a mean right cross, that’s for sure.

    Anyway, I think you’re right, Dennis: Mark looks like a man out of control, taking no prisoners, and racing with reckless abandon towards Port Hoosegow. But will Daddy Trail bail him out? Or does he have to wait for Cherry and Rusty to rescue him? If so, we might hear Rusty complaining “Aw, Mom! We have to bail Dad outta jail again!”

    Still like the dynamic compositions Jules uses.

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