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Has the name of the boat Mark is trashing struck anyone else as ironic? Happy Sails? It’s a speedboat after all…

All I can surmise from the last panel is that Mark is now getting shot at… We keep breaking new ground here, don’t we? So, as the Police give chase and the shark keeps pace, what will tomorrow bring?


3 thoughts on “PYOOO!?

  1. Seems a bit over-the-top for cops to be shooting at a mere boat thief. They normally don’t do that, even for car thieves these days. But “over-the-top” seems to be the running theme of the “New and Improved” Mark Trail. Talk about adventure!

    And what is “Pyooo”? The sound of a gun discharging or a ricochet? If a discharge, the sound effect seems more likely to belong to a sci-fi weapon, whereas a ricochet would normally be described by “Thwack” or “Ping”. But there is no visual clue of a ricochet. On the other hand, note the colorful rings around the boat. Ray gun, perhaps? 🙂

    See that, Jules? Now we can criticize you for the kind of inanities your predecessors were regularly got raked over the coals for, including ending every sentence with an apostrophe!

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