With Foxy Lady checking in on Mark’s progress, and strangely no mention of the boat-splosions that were no doubt all over the social media, Mark gets back to what? Work?

Have to admit I have never seen a green wood-sided station wagon…

Like I said, the story of the prodigal son (and I’m not scholar, I assure you) has to do with competition between sons for their father’s affections- one staying home and doing his duty, the other (prodigal) going off in the world to sow his oats, only to return, where his arrival is greeted with great joy, fatted calf, etc… Is there another son? Mark’s Brother that we haven’t met?

OK, now this is getting all meta… The ‘Mark Trail’ we knew and loved is now ‘Happy Trail’ and his son (with Cherry, Andy, Rusty and Doc) is now Mark Trail? Is this an episode of “Lost?”