A Series of Unfortunate Events…

I guess we can call this LFF- Lost Forest Filler… as Mark runs into one thing after another! But Cherry! Water alone won’t de-stink your man and his best friend! And why is Andy on a leash?! Completely unacceptable!

And now we harken back to the last Old-school Trail we saw in the papers… Mark choosing Andy over fame and glory. Aren’t we hopscotching the time-space continuum a bit here, though??

Oh, darn!! Now to the scene where Mark learns of his true reputation… But hey! Flapjacks!!

Mark, if you think of the rabble as “Villagers” they will always turn on you- sometimes with pitchforks and lit torches!! And now back to Amy Lee? I guess we’d better get used to that. No more Bill Ellis- No more Magazine with a defined pension… Now that Mark is in the permanent gig economy!

LA! Confidential! Ralph the Hog Snake looks nonplussed… But is Mark allowed to cross state lines while he is still a wanted man in Florida??