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Hip Nor Hop…

LA it is! Where fame is measured in milliseconds and reputations are gained and lost even faster!

Rusty has certainly gained a prominent role in the new Trailverse… Let the youth show the way…

Eco Rapper? How about eco-wrapper? Reptiliannaire? That’s difficult to spell. He looks like a deranged Leprechaun. Well, ’tis the season after all. Pi-Day (3.14) followed by St. Patrick’s (3/17) who drove the rats from Ireland…

So, we all gonna be eatin’ Crickets? Thanks all the same, I will stick to hooved, mammalian forms of protein…

Mark! Dive in! The water’s fine. Grab the ring! Own your fame!!

Mark, Congratulations. Or should I say Jules, Congratulations. You successfully navigated the “Either-Or” / “Neither- Nor” trap and came out on top! Ralph even thinks Mark should do it… Why Not, Mark, I mean life takes us into new territory and we always have to be ready!!


2 thoughts on “Hip Nor Hop…

  1. Going to LA, huh? This is starting to remind me of Tom Petty’s “Into the Great Wide Open”, where a kid becomes an overnight music star, turns into an arrogant SOB, can’t get a second hit, and winds up alone, broke, and frustrated. Not an original theme, but a popular one, it seems!

    But the tear-down of Dudley Do-Right, er, Macho Mark, continues unabated.

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