Or else…what?

Aside from what, I think, is an alligator lizard in panel 2, I can’t figure this out, unless it is some kind of in-joke. “Hollywood gatekeeping” is slang for guardians of movie making, star making, etc. They could be professional movie producers, for example, previewing scripts for proposed movies; or agents, looking for whatever the current type happens to be in fashion. More generally, it could refer to self-appointed trustees of whatever brand, object, or genre a gatekeeper claims to know more about than you, such as Trailheads intent on maintaining what they believe to be the only proper and valid version of Mark Trail. Or they could be a hardcore fan of a particular band and want you to know it!  Thus, their aim would be to assess whether you have the proper knowledge to also be an accepted hardcore fan. For example, what is the name and release date of the 7th album by The Black Keys? And who were the producers? Which guitar did Dan Auerbach use on track 6? Don’t know the answers? Go home, poser!

So, why are Prof Bee and Diana Daggers acting as gatekeepers? What is their leverage?  What, exactly, is Diana Daggers prepared to do? More importantly, why are Mark and his “Street Team” acting like a bunch of sweaty fans hoping to get Backstage Security to let them meet Dan Auerbach? Weren’t we hoping to see Mark put Diana in her place, gender differences be damned? But maybe Mark and his friends are quick studies and deliberately acting like a bunch of dweebs so they can get passed on to Cricket Bro. If that is the case, it looks like the Street Team’s mission to covertly sneak into the Developer Wing to steal a laptop has gone into the crapper. No way they are going to be allowed to wander off on their own, now that they have been discovered.