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Something of a rant

Once again, where the heck are they? What building are they entering? It looks like a log cabin with glass doors. Is it some kind of boutique hotel?

The carping and sorting out continues from the previous two days. Some critics are crying “foul!” or maybe “fowl!”, and think this is merely more story padding. A bit, perhaps. But there is definite tension between these two and that cannot be glossed over. That is why Diana was placed in this assignment, right? Conflict sells.

It’s only natural that Mark finds himself overwhelmed by circumstances from time to time. However, Mark should be able to ultimately rise to the occasion and overcome his fears, not drown in them. When looked at in context, Professor Bee was more bully than brawn; more sociopath than psychopath; more Goofus than Gallant. Rivera has had plenty of time and space to assign foibles and doubts to Mark. Now, it’s time for Mark to “man up” and get on the offensive. This is Mark’s assignment and Daggers is merely his production crew.

I might be getting even pickier, but why does Mark have to recite Sharp’s full name and honorific to Diana? It would be more natural for Mark to refer to him as “Sharp”, or “The Professor” (unless he wanted to avoid a comeback remark about MaryAnn). If readers don’t already know who he is, what does his full citation serve? Could it be for the benefit of that ridiculous Canada Goose that keeps popping up? The least it could do is give some advice to Mark, like other animals.

But ending on a positive note, the landscaping in panel 1 is very well executed; and more than expected in a daily comic strip. The coloring may have something to do with it. But I appreciate the effort that went into it.


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