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Okay, so Mark is fixated on the obvious and incorrect problem. Didja notice that whenever Mark walks, it’s more like he is marching?

And Rivera is on to Mark’s mental myopia. But from Cherry’s responses, it doesn’t sound at all like she was on that trip. So, who were the other people on the boat? Cliff and some of the de-bait team?

All right, now. The image of a fish floating on top of the water in panel 1 suggests that maybe Rivera has been looking at ancient Egyptian art, like the detail of a tomb wall painting, on the left.

(detail from a portion of a tomb painting stripped from the tomb of Nebamun. Egypt, New Kingdom, c. 1400 B.C.E).

Anyway, it’s clear from Cherry’s own mental imagery that she may also be mistaken in her diagnosis. Either Mark or Cherry could be correct, but as a clueless father, myself, I’m thinking they are both wrong.

What do you think? Leave your answers in the Comments.


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