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The secret life of kids

(I managed to drive to Virginia from Minnesota last week, always one day ahead of the storms sweeping across the country. It’s a bit chilly and sometimes rainy, but nothing like the mess back in Minnesnowda.)

This is painful to see; not because the art is bad, or the writing is poor. But watching Mark trying to be Rusty’s friendly dad is not easy. And what is also curious is why Rusty and Mark are raking leaves when they live in a log cabin in the woods. Environmentally conscious Mark would not support a yard made up of Kentucky Bluegrass, would he?

Still, I shouldn’t kick too much as I’ve generally applauded Rivera for delving further into Mark’s family than her predecessors normally did and giving them more face time, so to speak. But I’d much rather see Rusty become the star of his own story, more than he was with the seaside cryptid in Oregon, an adventure that failed to gain real traction. James Allen did a good turn with Rusty down in Mexico a few years back, so I hope Rivera will try again.


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