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The Week in Review and the Sunday Nature Chat

It is one thing for Rivera to juggle two separate storylines in one strip (Mark’s and Cherry’s), and kudos for doing that. It’s another thing when one storyline starts branching out in a different direction, as has been going on for a while. While supposedly tracking down the source of intermittent bear attacks at the Water Bear Country STEM retreat, and possibly finding one likely source (unsecured garbage dumpsters), Mark got sidetracked into rescuing several guests from a hiking accident. Mark was hardly reluctant to step in and exercise his first aid survival skills, performing certain tasks that still seem inexplicable to urban plebes like me. The apparent telekinetic skills of Mark’s canine sidekick, Andy, came in handy when Mark had to put the injured Professor Bee Sharp into the back of his station wagon to transport to the hospital.

How does this subplot (I’ll be generously optimistic here) tie into Mark’s original mission, assuming he can even remember it? Maybe we’ll learn more on Monday when this story continues for another week. Just a note:  We’ve now had four publishing weeks dedicated to Mark’s first day on assignment. He’s had a very busy day!

Want to bet that this week’s strips will focus on Mark going over his first day with Cherry? Oh, she might get a word in, edgewise, with her latest Honest Ernest tale of woe.

Well, Andy was pretty much the only “wildlife” we saw this past week, so why not devote a Sunday to Saint Bernards?

By the way, I really don’t like the new old-school beard Mark is sporting. Rivera should go back to the hand-drawn stubble and ditch this “hobo beard” meme. Does anybody like the new beard style over the old one? Just compare the banner illustration at the top of this page.


3 thoughts on “The Week in Review and the Sunday Nature Chat

  1. “Is anyone else confused by this meandering plotline? I thought the focus was supposed to be on bear attacks, not hiking accidents and telekinetic dogs. Maybe it’s time for the author to stick to one storyline and actually follow through with it.”

    • Sarah, sorry your comment did not show up in a timely manner. It got trapped in the server’s spam filter and I just happened to run across it. Please feel free to comment again and I’ll check the spam folder to see if it recurs. Thanks!

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