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Hippo, hippo, hooray!

Just what is Mark’s fascination with Sharp!? Why does he continue to come to his aid? Or is Mark going to try to teach Rusty the difference between a lie and an honest mistake, based on the notion that maybe Sharp’s video did not deliberately set out to mislead.

Or maybe this is going to be a put-down of cancel culture. If so, points to Rivera. It’s a terribly arrogant and ignorantly false morality.

Rivera has spent 3 days setting this family time scenario up, so I’m thinking this episode of Father Knows Least will continue into Saturday with Papa Trail unsuccessfully trying to impart his wisdom to a 10-year old kid. Or maybe Mark will order Andy to chase Rusty into the woods so he can get some rest.


2 thoughts on “Hippo, hippo, hooray!

  1. This could be Jules reaction to our occasional corrections when she screws up a Science Sunday. Expect it to be good natured.

  2. Actual laugh out loud – Father Knows Least

    Thanks George! I feel that way when my daughter fixes my technology issues.

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