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Make Honest Ernest clean up that mess!

Why did Cherry back down when Violet questioned her about the driveway? Cherry certainly did not lack backbone when she confronted Violet before the concrete was laid. But, spadefoot tadpoles, Cherry!? Adult spadefoot toads would have to make their way into the house, lay their eggs in the puddles, then move out. And it takes a few days just for the eggs to hatch, so what’s the emergency? They will get mopped up when the floor is cleaned. Maybe Cherry is just trying to put a scare into Violet.

I’m going to go out on a limb and prematurely give Rivera credit for having Violet’s comment in panel 4 set up what I think is a clever segue into Sunday’s nature lesson.  We’ll see if that limb I’m on gets cut, sending me down into a puddle of embarrassment.


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