You . . . you bullies! Do not make me swear!

Once again, Mark follows the Trail less used.  What the hell is Mark talking about, anyway!? Is he trying to mislead Sid Stump about Jeb’s discovery? This is like one of those high school movies with the bully and his posse pushing around a weak and timid freshman. Mark is the upper class quiet guy who’s had enough and steps in to put the bully in his place.

Okay, that’s how it’s set up, which means that’s not how it will work out. But exactly how are they going to stop Mark and Jeb from leaving? Did Stump have the foresight to embed digitally enabled land minds around the forest? Will Mark do anything other than bluster about doing the right thing and shoving his integrity in Sid Stump’s face? Maybe they’ll just threaten each other to death.