Why is Mark still shining his flashlight up in the sky?

Mark’s story just took another turn towards Cloud Cuckoo Land…again. This adventure (or nightmare) is like a chameleon that keeps changing its color every time it takes a step. “What would you do after you found the strongest woodsman, Sid:  Have a fight to the death? Start a YouTube fan channel?

Let’s give Sid’s declaration in panel 1 a moment of credulity. Why did Sid invite a bunch of soft, city geeks to the retreat? Was forcing Jeder into the forest part of the test? Jeb’s a journalist, not a woodsman, of course. In fact, we haven’t seen any woodsmen in the camp, which seems to contradict Sid’s boast. Okay, the moment is over.

And then we have clueless Mark, who seems to like channeling Gomer Pyle all too often. Mark should be pissed that he wasn’t asked to participate in this contest. If I was Mark, I’d also be upset about Jebediah admitting that his investigative results were just guesswork, not facts. No scheme to destroy the world.