Home » Wes and Shelley » oh. look. a. bear. we. better. get. there. fast.

oh. look. a. bear. we. better. get. there. fast.

Well, if there was ever a time to over-emote and use REALLY LARGE FONT, it would be, like, right now.  But I suppose not… And Cherry, what exactly ARE you doing with your hands?  Shielding your eyes from the what? The sun?  Given the pallet chosen for these Armageddon quality scenes, I would assume that the sun has been blotted from the sky…


I see by the ribbing and the construction that Mark and Wes are traveling in style- the model a-45 Old Town Canoe- which again was stored carefully for the next time the owner of the “abandoned” cabin hiked in.  Won’t they be surprised to find their canoe missing, but I suppose not- not when they don’t take the time to lock it up!

If a thought bubble were to pop up over Wes’s blonde locks, I imagine it would say something like, “You go, Bear! My evil plan is almost coming to fruition, even if it means that I might be stuck out here in the woods, Survivor style for a few more weeks… at least I won’t have to serve that spoiled brat breakfast in bed any more…”

But then we will probably never learn who the blonde in the frame on the bedstand is…     frame


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