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The return of Jason Smith, Newspaper Man…

Recycled and re-purposed plot-line, characters and artwork.  That’s the way of the Trail.  By today’s strip it’s apparent that Ol’ Jason Smith still doesn’t know how to use a phone…  Although he did change his shirt and get his desk chair recovered…  And Mark, sensing that he is clearly in over his head, calls in the… authorities?  No, the PRESS…  makes perfect sense.  Having done the legwork, complete with trespassing and obtaining sensitive personal information, feels like his work is done here…


Must be the ATLANTA address that Mark wants Jason to follow up on…  since the newspaper budget would never allow him to start making international calls or flight arrangements… Assuming this leads to another byline and a hard hitting, investigative piece, Jason Smith could be in line for a Pulitzer, or at least the equivalent coming from the Woods and Wildlife community… But does Mark take any credit?  Of course not.  That’s not his thing.  Making others look good and saving the environment, that’s what Mark is all about…


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