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Bears get the bad rap in the Trail-verse.

I am suddenly reminded (by what I couldn’t tell you…) of the bear that gnawed on Cherry’s shoulder in the epic yarn of “Wes and Shelley go camping and light the forest on fire…”  So here we are again with a bear playing bad (breaking bad??) in hot pursuit of our hero, who is running as fast as he can with a bad wing and only bipedal locomotion at his disposal…  and what happens?  Why Mark is about to go DOWN, boys and girls.  That random exposed root (in a rye field??) is going to bring him to his knees for sure!  And the reflex action of Mark throwing his arms forward to break his fall will only drive his left shoulder deeper out of whack… OUCH!


But where would we be with Rex, now the “Territorial Grizzly?”  Mark is about to introduce “Cranky Black Bear with sore foot” to “Get off my Cloud Rex” in hopes that he can stand back and watch the battle, confident that he will no longer be the main course…But of course, Rex being “old” would suggest that he may not be a match for CBB, or may even have gone home to the great honey pot in the sky!


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