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Command of Animals AND Body Hair…

James Allen just keeps breaking new ground.  Nipples.  There… I said it.  Nipples on Mark’s chest.  This could be a first, although I won’t spend the time to prove my thesis…  That, and once again, Mark seems to not have to ever shave…  This just seems unnatural along with the total lack of hair on his torso…  What about, oh, let’s not go there… but really- does he ever shave? I haven’t ever seen him with so much as a stubble.  Even Dagwood shaves… every morning in front of the bathroom mirror…


And Mark, you are so clever, and could not wait to vocalize all that you have endured and how you schemed your way out of it… but you left out the part where you backed up and went over the falls!!  That’s the best part!  Simply saying you “hurt your shoulder” doesn’t do your story justice…  But that’s you Mark, modest to the end…

Not sure about the look on Cherry’s face in panel one… is it gas?

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