Home » Bear Traps » No, Mark, you are not … STARVING

No, Mark, you are not … STARVING

Maybe a might peckish after heading out for an afternoon drive only to find yourself fighting for your life and spending the night in a tree!


But of course you were able to forage… “Some Berries for breakfast!”  not much to keep body and soul together, huh, Mark??


So of course we find ourselves back at the table where meals are served and strong, black coffee is poured…  Cherry, Baby, what IS going on with your face in the first panel?  You return to your normal look of utter supplication at the sight of your man, but seriously, you look a little alien whilst pouring coffee!

I am SO glad that James Allen isn’t messing with any of the well-defined roles in the Trail-verse…  Doc fixes animals (without receiving so much as a thanky-kindly…) Cherry serves and Mark sits there like a prince…  But wait!  Cherry made a joke- “glad you were able to get away from that bear, Honey…”  Bear…  Honey… Get it??  Ha! That’s a joke, son!!


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