Home » Lost Forest » Andy says, “I’m Outa Here…”

Andy says, “I’m Outa Here…”

“C’mon Master, I am dying here!” says the Big Dog…  By panel three Andy is hearing what we are all hearing… “blah blah, away from home a lot, blah blah I’m sorry about that, blah blah blah…”  Please let this be the precursor to Editor Bill Ellis or someone calling Mark back to the world outside of Lost Forest.  This is getting tedious beyond words… Aside from the fact that Cherry is doing her best to model for the ubiquitous redneck mud flap profile in panel one…


Black Capped Chickadees are meant to act that way Mark, but not you… C’mon James Allen, let him leave the nest…  He’s much more interesting when he is operating without a search warrant and getting into other people’s business…

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