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Several Days Later…

And back in some city in Rwanda, which we know because it’s the same restaurant that brought Mark, Chris (um… Dirty) and Lori together, and because in the background we see a lady carrying her (what- Laundry??) on her head… Nice that these two kids can continue to hang out for days… doing what?? Now that we have the “new Mark,” the mind absolutely races…  two handsome people, on another continent, for all anyone knows who are meant to be together…  yikes… calling Cherry, Calling Cherry- by the way Mark, did you call Cherry?  I know that would be an expensive call, but still…


And now for the plot twist to end all plot twists…  Jacob Hickman!  What the… recall that Jacob Hickman’s truck was found at the bottom of a cliff without him in it… unexploded we presume, but that the “worst was feared” as it pertained to his current location and condition… and now he just turns up how many days (or weeks) later waving to Mark from across the linen tablecloths, like they are old friends.  Of course Mark is famous, depending on the circles traveled, and Jacob, we presume, was expecting him…  OK, then… let’s start writing that story!

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