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In a world where Mark Trail and his kin do not age…

Congressman Gowdy!  Well, this has to be grandson of the famous broadcaster and outdoorsman Curt Gowdy, who along with Roone Arledge made ABC sports into what it is today (or at least what it was before the world of media became so multi-dimensional…) Curt once remarked, “I should have paid ABC to let me host “American Sportsman…”  Why, there’s even a National Park in Wyoming named after him!


And how would your constituents feel about that, Congressman?  A Conservation effort in Africa?  What about that bridge that is crumbling in your district?  And it sounds like Mark would only consider leading this “Conservation Effort” if “properly funded” – read-  “I will need the 5th Armored Division at my beck-and-call should things get dicey…”

Checking in with THE MASTER, it looks like I missed the OBVIOUS Reference…

Were rhino poachers behind the Benghazi attacks? Why won’t the media tell us the truth?

Mark Trail, 9/30/14

My goodness guys, it has been a while since Mark has seen his family, but sure, why not stop by Washington, D.C., on his way home and do a little testifying about animal poaching and then hobnob with actual congressman Trey Gowdy, who’s taking valuable time away from his job of chairing the House Select Committee on the Events Surrounding the 2012 Terrorist Attack in Benghazi to do a little rhino-horn chat! Why are real elected humans appearing in this strip all of the sudden, instead of random fake baldheaded senators? Well, it’s possible that Trey Gowdy is desperate to woo environmentalist constituents and overcome his extremely low scores from the League of Conservation Voters, and so has paid good money to appear in this tree-hugger comic strip. But Mark’s cutting aside about getting proper funding for any conservation effort probably means that isn’t the case, since Congressman Gowdy is super not in favor of the government spending money. So I have to assume that his carefully rendered face and somewhat too blond hair are appearing here primarily because “Gowdy” is an objectively hilarious name.


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