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Not sure I missed anything…

Ok, when we left off, Wally Wood the Woodsman was having a moment over the fact that his precious trees were going to taken out with a beetle infestation…


But of course Mark, who has absolutely no skin in this game, smiles his Mark Trail smile and declares that the Department of Agriculture, where of course he knows people, will drop everything they are doing to rush out onto private land and treat any trees with a beetle problem…  Every heard of the Emerald Ash Borer, Mark??  The insect that is laying waste to acres of ash trees across the country? With apparently no way to stop it?  Made only worse by climate change as the winters are no longer cold enough to kill off the larvae nestled under the bark??  Nope, I guess not.

But enough of these real world concerns…  we have two Beaver on the Trail, about to confront another member of the Predator community…


And of course this mountain lion went to the same school as the Lynx…  “Lesson 2:  be sure to announce yourself to you prey, it’s only sporting…”


uh… a Black Bear with a brown dye-job???


C’mon, guys, think!  there’s two of you and two beavers!  A snack for each of you at least…


Whew!  That was close!!  Like they were even going to be eaten!

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