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Faith in Government

Mark.  Seriously.  Get off this kick that the USDA will “take care of Wally’s beetle problem…”  What? with a massive tree-crop-failure subsidy?  Or maybe it’s the Georgia State Dept of Agriculture…  who knows… regardless, or irregardless as is popular to say nowadays, Wally better gird himself for the worst and start protecting his stand…


So off Mark and Cherry go, in their open-topped Jeep Wrangler, and neither of them a hair out of place…  and what’s with all the insects flying about?  I know that every Mart Trail strip has to have a nod to nature, but this seems a bit contrived.  Unless, of course, they are the third leg of this stool, the real demons in this story line… Not Man, not Beaver, but Beetle!

So good that Mark and cherry are getting the straight dope on Wally and Susan’s intentions vis-a-vis impending nuptials.  So like a “happily married” couple- always wanting to draw in more unsuspecting singles…  “C’mon in guys, water’s fine… oh, never mind the swirling eddies and the protruding dorsal fins…”

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