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Uncle Doyle?! I know Uncle Doyle!

Aboard the Shur Ketch3… We find Ken and Kelly- Ken, a washed-out, washed-up hippie turned substitute high school biology teacher with enough left in his trust fund to afford a modest ocean-going fishing craft, and Kelly, his latest, uber-impressionable target… “You like fishing boats?” he asked one day after class in the same creepy voice a guy might utter, “You like Sport Utility Vehicles?”  Or it could be that this is Uncle Doyle’s boat, and they take turns “ketching” their unsuspecting prey- Tiger Shark being a euphemism for, well, let’s keep this at least PG-13…


And with all the scientific precision one might expect to be applied in the stalking of a Tiger Shark, Ken is keeping one eye on the GPS and the other on his “prey…”  with the idea that Tiger sharks school (do they?) and stay in the same spot (probably not…)

Meanwhile Uncle Doyle is busy touring with the latest Debbie, doing his best to stay sober and to not listen to the voices inside his head…

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