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More clip art…

…except for the first panel…  Cherry – what happened, girl??  Your face / neck / shoulder situation is all off…


Let us not be too hard on these two.  Could be that this is nothing new for them, we just never had this vantage point before in the Legacy Mark Trail under Dodd and Elrod.

But what could possibly make Our Hero cross paths with ‘Jefe’? (Which is Spanish for “Boss” or “Chief,” I am told…)  What could lure Mark away from the ardent embrace of his One and Only?  Fear not, he will soon return to the wooden Mark Trail of old, hearing the siren call of adventure, or maybe just the shrill call of the one they call Rusty- “Hey Mark (I mean ‘Dad’) want to do a little fishing??”

OK- news flash- I have it all wrong! Upon re-reading the timeline,  Jefe is the underling and Jose is the Boss!  I am soooo confused!!  …and I need a life!!

2 thoughts on “More clip art…

  1. Cherry’s been on a cleanse for the past 3 months, since she hasn’t had to make 3 squares for her man.

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