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because… to study bats?

…for to study bats?  Even if English is not your first language, this doesn’t make any sense…


So let’stake stock of where we are…  Other than Meh-hee-co.  We saw a lizard eat a spider only to then be carried off by a raptor… cruel.  Then we met up with Jose and Jefe in the Cantina… sinister.  Now we have “Call me Gabriel” and Carina out in the middle of nowhere- presumably at the mouth of La Cueva de los Muertos…  creepy.  For more than one and any number of reasons…

How Mark gets entwined in this story is anyone’s guess… maybe Mark, Cherry and Rusty decide that they have been working way to hard and they decide to go on a vacation to one of those all-inclusive places…  and then decide to go on a resort-sponsored excursion…  to bat caves.  Maybe a chance to catch a dread disease and bring it back to Lost Forest… Oh the possibilities are endless!!

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