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Yes it was!!

Close, that is.  I have to admit- for one who suffers from mild to moderate to- OK, I admit it- severe acrophobia… fear of heights, today’s installment created in me a certain reaction.  Or is it technically fear of Falling?  Because heights, in and of themselves, present nothing in the way of danger.  Barophobia is the irrational fear of gravity.  Individuals suffering from barophobia can either have the fear that gravity might crush them, the fear of falling because of the gravity involved (distinct from the fear of heights), or even the fear that gravity might cease to exist and they will float away.   Flying in an airplane gives me no pause… I suppose that’s because I have complete confidence in the fact that there is more risk on the Crosstown Highway than there is in falling victim to a plane crash.  Roller-coasters also have no effect on me, especially that slow tick, tick, tick up the incline, and the special rush that one gets when slightly weightless at the apex before gravity takes over.  But pertaining to the strip below, I admit to a feeling of  fear, a weakness in the legs, a flutter in the stomach just looking at it.  Recall, dear readers, the trip your faithful scribe took to the CN Tower in Toronto earlier in the year…  I can tell you it took all available courage to step out onto the glass floor!!


So as the yet to be named stud with 0% body fat hangs perilously from the only available outcropping by the point of his rock hammer, we shall have to wait until tomorrow to see how he gets himself out of this predicament as it seems that even his safety rope has lost its ability to arrest any further downward influence from gravity…

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