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Finally, an Answer!

As Carina continues to slink and slither in the most alluring of fashions, and Gabe slides around on his but, it is revealed that the cave is aglow in bioluminescence…  but in caves?  Sure!  Why not??  Now that we have that sorted, we can stop wondering (or at least I can) what the deal is with the total lack of darkness…


So while it looks as though Mark has hit his head and Carina is auditioning for a spread in Maxim, we are once again left to wonder… where is all this going?  Is Jose satisfied that he has neutralized the threat to his new, lucrative livelihood?  Will Mark and Company continue to go deeper and deeper into the cave without any idea whether they are helping their cause?  Will Mark pull out still more cave-trivia that might give them all some hope?  Will Gabe add any value at all since he is the one that has been the “Ol’ Cave Crawler” for years??

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