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Gabe? Gabe who??

As Mark and Carina leave Gabe in the dust, with his equipment bag containing the flashlight, they continue to be surrounded by luminescence, or perhaps it’s the glow of their burgeoning relationship, and hence have no need for stinkin’ flashlights


Who are you kidding, Mark??  I guess you must think that everyone gets shot at everywhere they go… you are on a bit of a roll, here, sir…  the most recent one being the little trip you took to Florida coast where you ran into Dr. Evil’s cousin, bent on world domination…  And Mark, thanks for letting us and Carina know that you are only teasing- I would suspect that it’s difficult for her (as well as your audience) to know when you are applying literary devices…  like euphemism, irony and sarcasm…

So as the “passage tightens,” and we are trying to not take that to mean more that it should, we are left to wonder, again, where is this all going?  What will they find?  This is the Cave of the Dead, after all…

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