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Mark gets the tongue!

We haven’t seen a good “What th-?” in a long while, and this has to be the first time it’s been prompted by a woman sticking her tongue in Mark’s mouth…  To quote faithful reader Dan P., “There’s nothing romantic about CPR…”  that is until Mark Trail tries to perform it, I guess…


Carina, you are an opportunist, an enchantress, and a hussy!  You staged the entire waterfall-fall/ would-be drowning just so you could get Mark in your arms…  Only to find out that Mark is a “Happily Married” man!  Oh the tragedy!

OK, time check.  They’ve been in the cave what- hours?  maybe a day? And we have suffered now for a total of 4 months?

5 thoughts on “Mark gets the tongue!

  1. Daniel: Hah! Hah!
    A backup title for this episode “And now for the clincher…”
    Wonder if Gabe is in the background, taking smart-phone photos for some later blackmail, or personal entertainment.?

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