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yea… because no one knows what ’CPR’ is…

Sort of like Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus… for “SCUBA.”


I wonder if Mark realizes that the latest CPR method doesn’t involve pressing lips/mouths together…  it’s just a series of rapid chest compressions, 100 per minute,  performed to the beat of the Bee Gees’ 1977 hit Stayin’ Alive

But boy oh boy… if we didn’t know Mark Trail, we’d swear he was recreating that make love in the sand/surf scene in “From Here to Eternity…”  But Burt Lancaster I guess he’s not.

2 thoughts on “yea… because no one knows what ’CPR’ is…

  1. You’re right, Dennis. Mr. Enviro is no Burt Lancaster. So let’s listen in as Mark’s brain continues its analysis: “Let’s see now…. put mouth on lips, hands on her chest… oh, YES! Oh, No! This could cause premature male arousal! Must…think…of…Cherry and Rusty! Shucks, where is Gabe when you need him?”

  2. Two key points today. Unconscious people do not arch their neck up like they are waiting for a kiss; a limp neck drops the mouth to either side. Drowning victims must expel water and often their stomach contents before you can help breath into their lungs. There is nothing romantic about CPR.

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