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Well, what do you know…

We do get to see what Gabe and Carina are talking about… and wonder of wonders, they are talking about their own imminent deaths!  C’mon, guys…? Seriously?  You are going go where the Trail goes?  At your own risk of course…  And what is Gabe  doing with his hands in panel one?  is he wringing them?  Or is that his left hand about to unfurl a dramatic gesture? (for which he has become known…)


I really feel for Carina.  She doesn’t get rendered the same way twice. Constantly shape shifting from ‘hot’ to ‘not’… Definitely ‘not’ today.  Her left eye seems to be wandering a bit…

OK Kids, in you go.  Meanwhile, it looks like we’ll all have to hold our collective breath ’til Monday to find out what happened to Mark!!

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