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Although I will say that this is better than looking at Mark, Gabe or Corina, which is all we’ve been subjected to for months…  But what does the symbolism mean?  The soaring hawk indicates that Mark maybe floating on the surface… the Lantern Fish suggests that he has sunken to the very depths of the ocean.  But of course we started in the desert of West Texas, so which ocean are we talking about here?  How far have they walked??


In the Dodd/Elrod era, every daily strip had a picture of a wilderness creature- a bit of wildlife.  James Allen has gotten away from that, so I guess we get a triple dose today!!

Hold your breath(s) everyone!!

One thought on “Teasing…

  1. I know your a fellow Minnesotan. Read your commentary every day and thoroughly enjoy it. Been Reading Mark Trail since I was a kid. Of course not as good or “Old Fashioned” since Dodd & of course Elrod left. Suffering thru Mark’s latest adventure is a test of great patience :). My take that the reason we have all read Mark Trail all these years was the care free, no stress outdoor lifestyle Mark leads wondering the woods, streams and lakes. Alas, Allen must be trying to capture an audience which would not read this strip anyway. I wish he would stick to story lines which do not last 6 months! Keep up the witty good work!

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