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Toast. Mexican Toast.

Travel all the way from where you were to the Gulf of Mexico?  (George Atkins called that one…) Apparently so.  Recall that we were placed somewhere in the Chihuahuan Desert, presumably the part that juts into Texas, and even if we were in the western-most tip, it’s 100+ km to the ocean…


But yes, in world where time moves slowly and quickly at the same time, so can three intrepids cover such a distance in an underground cave system full of (mostly) unexplained light, water, gypsum, cliffs and whatnot…

But let’s consider the chances of Mark finding the exact spot he burbled up, the hole he popped through, and his ability to lead “the authorities” Hotty and Fatty… And let’s imagine the “authorities” dropping everything they are doing and, at great expense, mount a search and rescue mission.  More likely they will ask Mark for his Passport and lacking that he will be thrown into a Mexican Jail…   Let’s hope that they, like Mark, chose to hold their breath to the point of aching lungs on the chance that they too can find their way to the ocean.

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