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Oh Thank Goodness…

Not that I was terribly worried about Carina and Gabe, but not having them pop up would have added months to the story line…  A classic “What Th-?” from Mark…


I love that Mark calls out Carina’s name with a single exclamation point… and Gabe’s with a combination exclamation point and question mark, as in, ” What the Hell, Fatty?  I can’t seem to shake you, can I?”

So here we are kids, in the middle of the Gulf of California (my guess at this point) and here’s hoping that they can all swim.  Not sure I have seen any coast line since they popped up out of the water…

One thought on “Oh Thank Goodness…

  1. You saw the shoreline in yesterday’s strip (panels 2 and 3), or so it looks to me! I’m guessing they are in one of the few “lakes” (e.g. San Estaban Lake) that seem to pop up now and then in that desert. But maybe those “lakes” are just mirages.

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